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March 14, 2007

Corrupt Rogue State To Renew Its Arsenal of WMD

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A rogue state which has a reputation for corrupt arms dealing and which sells weapons to oppressive regimes run by despots as well as conducting illegal wars, has been found to be accelerating its program for developing more WMD. The rogue state has also been known to threaten some (but not all) states which also have programs (suspected or otherwise) for developing nuclear weapons. It tries to get around this hypocrisy by claiming that its WMD program is nothing of the sort but is instead an “Independent Nuclear Deterrent”. This Independent Nuclear Deterrent is neither independent nor a deterrent. It is, however, nuclear with the potential to kill 40 million people. It’s also very expensive for a country that is having to close hospitals and scrap pension plans.

Interestingly, the leading politicians of this rogue state once had rather different things to say about nuclear weapons than they are saying now.

  • Tony Blair: “Labour is the only party pledged to end the nuclear madness.” (1982)
  • Gordon Brown: The Trident programme is “unacceptably expensive, economically wasteful and militarily unsound”. (1984)
  • Peter Hain: ‘The more direct action there is against nuclear weapons in Britain, the greater the freedom a Labour government will have to get rid of them.’ (1983)

And that was during the Cold War!

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