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May 2, 2007

Blair: The Final Days

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courtesy of Beau Bo D’Or

You can really feel the end of the Blair era approaching now. The newspapers are full of stories about Blair’s legacy and his likely successor, Gordon Brown, is getting plenty of media attention. Not so for those who dare to think that there should be a proper contest and who actually offer an alternative to the policy of the last ten years (or is it 28 years?). Previously loyal politicians are distancing themselves from Blair with some truly hilarious hypocrisy like this:

Blair was too focused on spin, says Mandelson

Buff Hoon also came out with a classic in reference to Iraq:

we didn’t plan for the right sort of aftermath

Sounds a bit like “the wrong kind of snow” doesn’t it? No doubt there will be plenty of political obituaries for Blair in the coming weeks and I may well write one myself. For the moment though, a little light relief seems in order as we get demob happy. From Eclectech (via Bloggerheads) comes this rather good animated piece with a soundtrack by Phil Alexander.


Click on graphic to enter the site and play the video

Of course when the happy day of Blair’s departure actually arrives, a small celebration is called for at this location.

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