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January 30, 2007

The Blair Crime Family Expands Its Gambling Operation

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Not content with its usual rackets of selling honours, halting or tampering with police investigations, arms dealing, bribery and assassination, the Blair crime organisation (also known to be operating under the name of NuLabour) has expanded its operation into gambling. Britain’s biggest criminal organisation, dominated by its boss ‘Teflon’ Tony is about to open the country’s largest and swankiest gambling joint in the city of Manchester.

There was some confusion as to where the location for this new venue was going to be. Some thought it would be in Blackpool which has aspirations to be another Atlantic City. Others thought the location would be in London in a spot famed for a failed diamond heist by an unaffiliated local gang. However this might have attracted too much heat after the negotiations with an American billionaire conducted by the under boss John ‘Cowboy’ Prescott were exposed.

The move into gambling is happening under the leadership of capo regime Tessa ‘Under-Bus‘ Jowell who has been urging the family to stake a claim in the lucrative gambling racket for some time. She is known to have links with the famous Don Berlusconi in Italy who is currently awaiting trial for corruption and perverting the cause of justice along with her husband.

This audacious move is happening as the police get ever closer to busting the family for its peerages racket. It is thought that even ‘Teflon’ Tony might not escape justice this time and he is said to be handing control of the family business over to his associate Gordon ‘One Eye’ Brown. The crime syndicate is so worried about police attention after the recent arrests of other senior members including consiglieri Michael ‘Cash Point’ Levy a.k.a. Sleazy, that it is thought that even ‘Machine Gun‘ Blunkett can’t save them.

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