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January 10, 2007

Why Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller quit MI5

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News of Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller’s resignation as head of MI5 last month was slipped out quietly on a day, when Tony Blair was being questioned by police over the cash for peerages scandal and when it emerged that the Prime Minister halted the Serious Fraud Squad investigation into the corruption of BAE. In other words the story was buried under a pile of other stories, some of which also needed to be buried. That didn’t stop speculation into Dame Eliza’s surprise resignation, the general consensus being that it was in anticipation of revelations of incompetence over the London Bombings of July 7th 2005.

That speculation was covered in the previous post so I won’t go into the failings of the security services yet again for the moment except to mention that we now know why Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller resigned, and yes, it was incompetence… stunning incompetence. Not only did she fail to prevent a terrorist attack when two of the bombers responsible for the London bombings were under surveillance and had been filmed and bugged, she told senior MPs the day before the attack on July 6th that there was no imminent terrorist threat to London or the rest of the country.

The director-general of the security service MI5 told senior MPs there was no imminent terrorist threat to London or the rest of the country less than 24 hours before the July 7 suicide bombings.

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller gave the assurance at a private meeting of Labour whips at the Commons on the morning of July 6 2005, the Guardian has learned from a number of those present.

The whips are said to have been confident, on leaving the meeting, that they could brief fellow MPs that the security situation was under control, and are said to have been deeply alarmed by the following day’s events.

Well if that’s not a resigning issue I don’t know what is. Never mind the bollocks we were told about Dame Eliza saying she was going to step down in two years time after a couple years into the job and to a home secretary who was also tainted by the bombings. This story has already been covered over at Blairwatch and very eloquently by Rachel here and here. I mention it mainly as an update to the previous post on Dame Eliza’s resignation and, more importantly, to highlight once again the urgent need for a full public inquiry into the London Bombings. Every month it seems like another reason to hold an inquiry into 7/7 emerges. Well bang on time here it is. Please sign this petition to the Prime Minister which asks for an inquiry.

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  1. the reason manningham buller has retired is because she is covering up the fact she gave the orders for the london bombings 7.7 2005 al queada what ever way you spell it is a c.i.a front organisation the picadilly +glagow bombings arew part of this also the man or woman who gave the orders for the assasination of diana and dodi fayad must be the same person .
    i am known to m.i.5 as vincent wood guardian 23.7.2008 they know that i had evidence of a right wing coup that year i think i know where the invasion of kuwait and later the invasion iraq were planned it was a pub tucked away in essex called the hummingbird it is m.i.5 and the c.i.a who have removed the labour party and replaced them with a load of spooks with names like gregory peck nick churchill john luc goddard as the main opposition most of the old councillors were unaware but the new ones and the ones from about 2001 2002 are spooks the pubs are being run by the milatery even the homeless unit has a ex soldier called chris rienne this man saw me look in back in october 2007 a man called collier was lATER BEATEN UP he is homeless but knows me this has been happening for years m.i.5 tried to set me up in the eightys as well the knickname then was ian moore they know i also know a bit about front organisation iv just found one on the net.
    i have been forced to run for it but m.i.5 and psyops and psaychotronic warfare team have removed most of my memory and damaged my brain they have roboted me and tried to kill me by filling me full of chemicals i must be the most tortured man in the world i had a deep scar on my forehead this has been chemically removed along with any over evidence the twin towers was m.i.5 and the c.i.a last attempt to silence me at the time it was done on the day i took a letter to london it was badly written and never got a reply dont trust to many british journalist as i think once the daily mirror closed in 1993 and became a right wing newspaper the coup against the left was complete in i think john smith was assasinated .blair is the winner in the coup.

    Comment by stephen bladon spelt wrong bladen — April 6, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

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