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December 4, 2006

Has Bush Completely Lost The Plot?

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Well, I guess many of us would argue that Bush never really had it to lose. But with his refusal to face the glaringly obvious, one has to wonder whether Paul Craig Roberts doesn’t have a point when he said:

Millions of other Americans want Bush turned over to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague. The true fate that awaits Bush is psychiatric incarceration.

This wasn’t the only article this weekend that questioned the President’s sanity. Frank Rich of the New York Times (via Truthout) made similar observations.

As Mr. Bush has ricocheted from Vietnam to Latvia to Jordan in recent weeks, we’ve witnessed the troubling behavior of a president who isn’t merely in a state of denial but is completely untethered from reality. It’s not that he can’t handle the truth about Iraq. He doesn’t know what the truth is.

The most startling example was his insistence that Al Qaeda is primarily responsible for the country’s spiraling violence. Only a week before Mr. Bush said this, the American military spokesman on the scene, Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, called Al Qaeda “extremely disorganized” in Iraq, adding that “I would question at this point how effective they are at all at the state level.” Military intelligence estimates that Al Qaeda makes up only 2 percent to 3 percent of the enemy forces in Iraq, according to Jim Miklaszewski of NBC News. The bottom line: America has a commander in chief who can’t even identify some 97 percent to 98 percent of the combatants in a war that has gone on longer than our involvement in World War II.

Bush’s continuing delusion that US troops can still finish the mission of creating a stable, democratic Iraq which will be the cause of the democratisation of the whole Middle East coupled with the semantic games being played on whether Iraq is in a state of civil war or not when outgoing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has just said that it is “much worse” than civil war and Iraqis are worse off than under Saddam, should concern us all. Commissioning James Baker to come up with new ideas for dealing with the Iraq mess and then going out of his way to sabotage the anticipated recommendation (talking with Syria and Iran) is also insane.

Bush’s problems with alcohol and drugs have been well documented. Less publicised (by the MSM at least) is his alleged erratic behavior, mood-swings, depression and paranoia which is said to be being treated with powerful anti-depressant drugs which impair his remaining mental faculties and his ability to respond to a crisis. This is worrying for everyone. In Britain, Blair won’t make a move until he has clear directions from Washington. We’ve already exploded the myth of Blair’s influence on Bush. In the absence of instructions all Blair can do is obfuscate about what British troops will do in Iraq, announcing a withdrawal but admitting that troops will remain in the country.

On a brighter note John Bolton the US ambassador to the UN has quit, realising he was not going to get the necessary Senate support. It looks like the “thumping” received by the Republicans in the recent midterm elections are starting to bear fruit. First Donald Rumsfeld and now Bolton. Reality has this nasty way of intruding on delusions.

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