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December 1, 2006

Matthew Taylor: Hypocrite

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Last week Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair’s outgoing chief strategy adviser, provoked uproar among bloggers by attacking their tendency to criticise politicians.

“What is the big breakthrough, in terms of politics, on the web in the last few years? It’s basically blogs which are, generally speaking, hostile and, generally speaking, basically see their job as every day exposing how venal, stupid, mendacious politicians are.”

Well now he is in the news again, this time doing exactly what he accuses bloggers of doing.

One of Tony Blair’s closest advisers has issued a devastating critique of the Prime Minister’s time in power, confessing that the Government’s arrogance undermined public trust.

Matthew Taylor, who was Downing Street chief of strategy until last Friday, has admitted that No 10 “liked the image of being brilliant media operators” and found it hard to make the transition from opposition to government in 1997. This meant that there was a “certain amount of creativity” with the truth when dealing with the media in the early years. [My emphasis]

So the question I have is this: How come it’s okay for Matthew Taylor to criticise the Government but not bloggers? Could it possibly be that Matthew Taylor, as well as being an arrogant, patronising, condescending twat, is also a complete hypocrite?

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