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October 2, 2006

More danger from John Reid

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It’s no secret that John Reid regards international law, human rights and civil liberties as inconveniences that need to be circumvented. Back in April when he was Defence Secretary he wanted the Geneva Convention to be rewritten in order to allow British soldiers to torture with impunity. The clashes that he, as Home Secretary, and his predecessors have had with the judiciary over control orders and indefinite detention without trial are also well documented. According to our Home Secretary, politicians, judges, lawyers, the media and activists who champion human rights instead of his Draconian anti-terror laws “just don’t get it“. Reid’s speech to the Labour Party Conference last week should have cleared up any remaining doubts about what a dangerous character he is. Here is a small snippet just to make the point [My emphasis]:

It cannot be right that the rights of an individual suspected terrorist be placed above the rights, life and limb of the British people.

It’s wrong. Full stop.

No ifs. No buts. It’s just plain wrong.

In other words the concept of being innocent until proven guilty is gone, and when you add this to Reid’s obvious dislike of the proper legal processes then we are all in grave danger.

With that attitude to justice, it is no surprise that our beloved Home Secretary is once again championing torture. We are returning to that old argument of sending suspected terrorists (or any other kind of suspect for that matter) to countries where they are at risk of being tortured. This is an argument that Reid and his predecessors have repeatedly lost. However, illegality and immorality has never been things to put off John Reid.

JOHN REID, the home secretary, is heading for a showdown with the judiciary over plans to strip some terror suspects of the automatic right to be protected from torture.

Reid is preparing a new anti-terror law that would sideline human rights legislation protecting suspects from torture if ministers ruled there were “overriding considerations of national security”.

The move is aimed at foreign terrorist suspects, including 32 detained in prison without charge or being monitored on strict bail conditions.

Despite Tony Blair’s pledge after last year’s suicide bombings in London to deport them, not one has been forcibly sent home because of legal fears that they might face torture on their return.

When you put this in context with Britain’s support for ‘extraordinary rendition’ which has been condemned by human rights groups, and slso in the wider context of what is happening in the USA (our closest ally) with regards to torture, then in isn’t difficult to see the direction Reid wants to take the UK. Remember, this maniac has just launched his bid to become leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister. His pal Radovan Karadic must be very proud.

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  1. Sorry to scare you, but it seems that the further John Reid’s war on civil liberties and Islam rages, the more the populist tabloids praise him. Even the Daily Mail has taken the view that had John Reid been in charge of the Labour Party then Britain would be a better place. He also seems to admire Michael Howard, borrwing a few of his famous phrases (‘prison works’, ‘it’s not raicst to talk about immigration’)
    With the Sun and the Mail hostile to Cameron and warming to Reid, we could be on the verge of a rather nasty ‘It woz the Sun wot dun it’ situation…
    I enjoed reading your blog. Have a look at mine if you like, and leave a comment if you should feel so inclined.

    Comment by Robert Jackman — October 18, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

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