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September 29, 2006

That awful John Reid speech

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Unsurprisingly, we’ve heard a lot of crap from the Labour Party Conference, from Gordon Brown’s lackluster attempt to look electable, to Tony Blair’s polished but deluded messianic garbage to John Prescott’s apologetic swansong. However, the most dreadful speech of the conference was delivered by the Home Secretary, John Reid. For those wanting to see the really scary side of New Labour in all its horror and hypocrisy, it didn’t disappoint (no wonder Roy Hattersly contemplated shooting himself if Reid ever becomes Prime Minister, an idea that Reid seemed to relish). Other bloggers with stronger stomachs have covered his performance so there is no need for me to repeat what they have been saying, except for this point which does bear repeating [links added by me]:

There are, and there will be, no “no-go areas” in our country for any of our people, whatever our background, colour or creed.

We will go where we please, we will discuss what we like and we will never be brow-beaten by bullies.

That’s what it means to be British.

New Labour is responsible for prohibiting protests outside Parliament without prior permission. The very conference hall where Reid spoke these words was a “no-go area” for all but the most sycophantic New Labour loyalists. Reid is being presented as the Blairite alternative leader to Gordon Brown. I wouldn’t want either of these clowns as Prime Minister, but the thought of Reid at the helm of New Labour’s sinking ship is a nightmare scenario that should have us all very worried indeed.

Here’s what some other bloggers have been saying:

Big Stick and a Small Carrot

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